Templars, unlike Paladins, are a more aggressive part of the Halifaxian Inquisition. While Paladins are (sort of) pacifists, refusing to kill any living thing under any circumstances, Templar will not hesitate to do whatever it takes; even if it means taking lives.

So, as you can see here, there are more than just *one* kind of Templar. There are actually three around here.

The Vanguards are the enforcers in the Inquisition, either travel in token forces around the surrounding territories, their or others, to root out the undead or with Inquisitors, in which case are facing a kich more serious threats.

The Sentinels are the protectors of the territories within Halifax. Requiring to patrol the territories, they are often seen mounted on larger creatures such as Frogs or Hares; any animal that may allow them to travel far. More heavily armoured than their Vanguard counterparts, they are usually equipped with spears and pikes while carrying around a shield.

Now, the last one over there is the Inquisitor. They are high-ranking officials who still serve as part of the Templars as ‘investigators’ (although, most would say they have a bigger part at burning people and razing whole towns as soon as they found out any signs of undead activity. It’s also most likely some vile slander made by jealous paladins or closet necromancers). Promoted due to their service to the Inquisition or some prior training, they are perhaps the most extreme and dangerous of the Templars. Skillful combatants with a sharp mind, nobody dares to trifle with them.

P.S- I think I forgot the ‘n’ in Inquisitor. And as such, he may materialise from my imagination and put me at the burning stake

did i du gud?

did i du gud?

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Two versions of the same picture. One’s painted but not really what I’ve imagined but the sketch is closer but the only thing that it lacks is colour. Still, it’s a mouse on a frog. What’s not to like? unless you hate vermin, that is
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doubt they’re the ones you’re looking for but okay


Mouse Templar Sentinel, Halifax. Vigilant eyes are tasked on guarding marshlands, wary of whichever of the vile undead that might threaten to harm the living



a kingdom of isolation and it looks like i’m the queen

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Yellow, Gray, and Blue belong to me

Brown is Carina, property of Ferrous

Purple is of course Noill's Marina

Orange is Melodie, who belongs to Dazzler

The one in Green is Inkertion's MIL…I mean Mama-chan

And Last but definitely not least is Succubus belonging to Ooolong's suave self

Shake it, shake it.


tumblr’s pornstars all in one place

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gonna colour this later but here’s my part of the art trade, Ahmad!

update: Fully coloured and scanned, yours truly



More for Bollox, this time a trade! His mouse templar dudes are fucking radical.

Woah… You might just topped me with this one, Ahmad! I mean, holy shit, dood!

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